This bad decision is not inconsequential. Not only does this affect some citizens who have negative reactions to Streptomycin but it affects all of us by diminishing the efficacy when it is needed.

As a chef I am very concern of the ingredients I choose for my guest. If I am choosing an organic product, means that have been grown chemicals, pesticides or antibiotics, period.

if anything artificial is used on a fruit or vegetable it is NOT organic...antibiotics are the last thing i would expect on my fruits or vegetables....yes...i wash everything but does this really help? any type of spray is absorbed....i'm appalled. i'm fortunate to be able to grow a lot of my own…Read More

I just simply do not wish to ingest nor consent to ingest man made drugs unless it is a life or death situation. the thought of these tainting such pure organic fruit sickens me. Thank god fro my pear tree in my garden!

We have to make the effort!

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