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Lee Hindrichs

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Get Antibiotics Off Organic Fruit!

All disease begins in the gut...and all health does to. When we eat foods sprayed with antibiotics we are affecting are probiotic population, killing off those incredible symbiotic bacteria that are vital to our digestion and absorption of nutrients. Antibiotics kill our good bacteria and with a lack of healthy , probiotic bacteria we suffer from autoimmune disorders, behavioural problems, ADD/ADHD/ Autism, infertility, PMS and the list goes on an on. In my private wellness practice I see this repeatedly. Changing diet and repopulating the gut with probiotics leads to vast improvements in health Foods are our building blocks . Contaminated food makes for very poor building blocks. Contaminated building blocks lead to disease.

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Ariadne Williams

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Get Antibiotics Off Organic Fruit!

Choosing to feed our families clean foods on a budget that are free from genetically modified organisims (GMOS) is crucial enough and now to find out that the national organic standards board (NOSB) is permiting antibiotics to be used on organic apple and pear trees is a total travesty! what will happen to us when we all become resisant to antibiotics and it can no longer cure illness and Disease!?! Please help me put a stop to this madness before it's too late!

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