The escalating violence in Syria is having catastrophic consequences on the country's children and families. More than 4 million children are now affected by the brutal conflict, which is entering its third year.

Within Syria, 3.1 million children are at risk. The situation within the country is rapidly deteriorating as the war crushes Syria's infrastructure. Power cuts and supply shortages are creating a critical situation for 600,000 people in Damascus and its outlying districts. Essential services, like clean water, are disappearing. In some areas, UNICEF is maintaining the entire water supply.

* Refugee camps in the countries bordering Syria are overflowing.

 There are now more than one million child refugees from Syria. That's more than the combined under-18 populations of Los Angeles and Boston.

* The Largest Humanitarian Operation in History

UNICEF has been working to help Syria's children for the past two years. In cooperation with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNICEF has helped mobilize what is now the largest humanitarian operation in history—supplying food, water, education, clothing and critical immunizations to families and children in Syria and neighboring countries. More than 2.3 million children across the region have been vaccinated against measles. Over 450,000 children have received counseling. UNICEF and its partners are launching a home-based learning program for 400,000 children who cannot attend school because of the conflict.

* Help Secure the Future for Syria’s Children

For the children of Syria, what's at stake isn't politics; it's their future. When the fighting ends, will these children be healthy, educated and strong enough to rebuild their lives? You can help. Join UNICEF in its work to deliver the health care, education and other services these children urgently need. Support UNICEF's efforts to help Syria's children

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