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Bring a complete end to federal marriage discrimination

The federal government should treat married same-sex couples - no matter where they live - as what they are: married.

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    We campaign to win marriage nationwide. Pursuing our Roadmap to Victory national strategy, we…Read More

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Italy is working on this too: "Mr. President (of the House of Deputies), beyond the thousands of excuses and quibbles, we're talking here…Read More

A Bunch Of Government Officials Were Told That Gay People Were Inappropriate, So What They Did Is...

Some context, for those who don't speak Italian: The person speaking during most of the video is named Silvia Giordano, a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. This protest is happening because, right now, same-sex couples living in Italy have no shared rights to property, social security and inheritance. They also can't get married. A rough…Read More
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