AWESOME and creative costume alternatives for girls! If I had a daughter she'd totally be rocking Amelia Earhart :)

30 Badass Little Girls Who Won't Be Wearing Pink On Halloween

The Huffington Post
If you've found yourself frustrated with the frilly, pink, way-too-sexy Halloween costume options for girls, you're not alone. That's why the website A Mighty Girl features amazing costume ideas that reflect the full range of girls' interests. "Over the years, girls' costumes have become increasingly one-dimensional and often sexualized,"…Read More

Long story short: I was raped by an adult male at the age of four. Until I was in my teens, inappropriate acts continued- much of which he told me was MY fault. Little kids are NOT "sexy", nor should they ever be presented that way. There are too many pedophiles in the world and we don't have a…Read More

Di Antonietta Lo Porto: Titolare di Sovranità Individuale
E siccome la scienza dell'aeronautica, è stato riscontrato esistere sul pianeta da 2000 se non 4000 anni a.C. e forse più;…Read More

there are enough perverts and pedophiles out there without "tempting" them by making kids costumes unnecessarily "provocative" which those pedophiles no doubt see as the world "setting them up to fail" (ya right!) when they need to be casterated and incarcerated in general population for others in…Read More

Let the kids enjoy their childhood!

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