Please help by signing this petition in a fight to make all law enforcement agencies act on and make a priority the crime of making, selling, buying and consuming synthetic drugs. These are being sold to our kids over the counter and under the counter all across the country and we a losing our fight because so many cities are not enforcing this law. This stuff is a drug in every sence, creators of synthetic cannabinoids use plant products combined with chemicals to mimic marijuana. They basically get the plant, and they have these chemical compounds, drugs from China that they add to it, It is then distributed in eye catching packets under such names as Pandora, chocolate meltdown, Buzz Pulse, Fire & Ice, Tribal incense just to name a few which is eye candy for our youth. Plus they are usually labeled incense to hide the drug fact. This is a way for the creators of these drugs to target teens.
You can go to many web sites and see what kids are posting about their near death experience and some writing about friends they have lost due to these drugs. I highly recommend visiting them, reading and printing the comments that kids have posted about there experiences, and make sure your kids read them also.

PLEASE PLEASE pass this to all your friends. We need to make a stand for our youth. Thanks

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