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    rachel maddow made me a sazerac.

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Marc McCole
Marc McCole Campaign leader

the vanity traipse.

Bob McDonnell's Family Got Some Gifts That Boost Vanity

The Atlantic Wire
What's a little funny about the controversy surrounding Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is how many of the questionable gifts his family received from donors involve vanity. Federal officials are investigating whether McDonnell's wife, Maureen, received free cosmetic dental work from W. Baxter Perkinson Jr., The Washington Post's Laura Vozzella and…Read More
Marc McCole
Marc McCole Campaign leader

"Republicans hailed McDonnell as a sober pro-business conservative who would run the state as rigorously as he parted his hair."

Reasons to Be Thankful for Bob McDonnell

The New Republic
SELF-DEALING JULY 11, 2013 Reasons to Be Thankful for Bob McDonnell BY ALEC MACGILLIS Read Later READ LATER Available only to subscribers. SUBSCRIBE TODAY Listen ARTICLE AUDIO Font Size TYPE SIZE Small Medium Large Facebook POST TO FACEBOOK POST Twitter POST TO TWITTER POST It's turning out that Bob McDonnell had all of us…Read More
Marc McCole
Marc McCole Campaign leader

"Sure, McDonnell and his family received $145,000 in unreported cash, an engraved Rolex watch, the designer clothes, a lake house vacation,…Read More

McDonnell 'directly intervened' to assist scandal-plagued benefactor

Getty Images It may be time for Gov. Ultrasound to wave goodbye. Just when it seemed the ongoing scandal in Virginia couldn't get worse for Gov. Bob McDonnell (R), another shoe drops. Jonnie R. Williams Sr., the wealthy nutritional supplement maker at the center of Gov. Robert F. McDonnell's gifts scandal, met with Virginia's health…Read More