More than 1,200 California sea lions, mostly young pups, have died suddenly this year—and no one knows why.

Thanks to our Betty White Wildlife Rapid Response Fund, Morris Animal Foundation is answering the urgent call for help from researchers working to identify what is killing these young marine animals.

We need your support to do so. The Foundation established this special fund three years ago to provide wildlife researchers with timely monetary aid to respond to unexpected events—such as natural disasters and emerging diseases—that result in an immediate need for animal health research.

Not only will your gift today go twice as far because of our 65th-anniversary match*, but it will also help with critical needs of animals like these at-risk baby sea lions.

Please give what you can today and help us meet our goal.
Thank you for your love of animals everywhere. 

*(up to $65,000 through July 31, 2013)

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