Gary Namie
Gary Namie Campaign leader

I wholeheartedly agree with this initiative but the word "bullying"(to me any how) is a weak term. Workplace Empowerment or Advocacy is better. Bullying implies victimization. Being a victim implies you don't have a choice. There are always choices in life and people only do what you allow,…Read More

I support this campaign because I am a survivor of workplace bullying, have helped other victims, and now will publish an article and book about the topic. It's a prevalent problem that needs lawmakers attention beyond harassment and hostile work environment.

Louisiana seems to slip through the cracks when it comes to the way employers treat certain employees. I can't analyze my abuser, all that I know was that she had some serious personality disorders, and controlled my life in every aspect because she knew I moved all my clients to this business, and…Read More

Workplace Bullying: The Silent Epidemic in the U.S. The workplace bully abuses power, brings misery to his/her target and endeavors to…Read More

The Silent Epidemic: Workplace Bullying

Psychology Today
Workplace bullying has become a silent epidemic in North America, one that has huge hidden costs in terms of employee well being and productivity. Also known as psychological harassment or emotional abuse, bullying involves the conscious repeated effort to wound and seriously harm another person not with violence, but with words and actions.…Read More
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