Gary Namie
Gary Namie Campaign leader

Workplace Bullying and Mobbing destroys lives, workplace cultures and financial independence on a societal scale.

It compromises professional reputation, financial stability, workplace success, absenteeism, promotions, company or school productivity, collegiality and security in the workplace. …Read More

I wholeheartedly agree with this initiative but the word "bullying"(to me any how) is a weak term. Workplace Empowerment or Advocacy is better. Bullying implies victimization. Being a victim implies you don't have a choice. There are always choices in life and people only do what you allow,…Read More

I support this campaign because I am a survivor of workplace bullying, have helped other victims, and now will publish an article and book about the topic. It's a prevalent problem that needs lawmakers attention beyond harassment and hostile work environment.

Louisiana seems to slip through the cracks when it comes to the way employers treat certain employees. I can't analyze my abuser, all that I know was that she had some serious personality disorders, and controlled my life in every aspect because she knew I moved all my clients to this business, and…Read More

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