Because I have been harassed in the workplace and my boss is a bully. It hurts and is not easy to get up in the morning and go to work and see what is going to be next accusation.

Gary Namie
Gary Namie Campaign leader

Today !I can now take great pleasure in being able to highlight my past and present experiences through-out the duration of my tenure as a FORMER employee from Verizon . Currently my terminated status of employment continues to be viewed as being in a pending status ,solely because I decided to…Read More

Your pledge for this campaign is very important to me. I've experienced being bullied in the workplace and I feel it has become such a big issue in the world we live in. I find it very difficult for someone to be falsely accused of numerous things for making a serious complaint against another…Read More

I study workplace bullying in the healthcare environment. Not all organizations are prepared to acknowledge that bullying occurs between…Read More

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