I experienced bullying and abuse from 2 supervisors and a senior professor on staff at one job. I was physically intimidated, screamed at by not one, but two, supervisors, one a man, and one a woman. They were not satisfied until I was in tears and then they would say I was too weak to handle being…Read More

Pennsylvania should have a law which enforces anti-bullying in the workplace because bullying does not fit into the discrimination laws. Bullying is very common in today's workplace. I have witnessed it and have been the victim of bullying where I have lost my job more than once. It is harrassment…Read More

Work should be a healthy, fun, safe, productive, profitable and a non-bullying place. Since 9-11-2001 and before workplaces and people lost…Read More


Why should we care to pass a law like this one?

Because we are decades behind other countries. The homework has been done and the cases have been made. It’s time to become aware of these problems, and take control of what can cause so much harm and make it stop. We have to start genuinely caring…Read More

Kimberly is a survivor; she was the target of mobbing in the workplace as a public School Administrator, in her fight to understand what was happening to her and ultimately to stay alive, she became an activist against this type of life threatening workplace violence! Kimberly is the Chair of the…Read More

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