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I have just been unceremoniously ejected from a 29 year career with the USPS. I fought for respect in the workplace from day 1. Management abuse is rampant in the USPS and has been not only for my 29 years, but for my father's 25 years as well. In my case, I have suffered injuries to practically every joint and tendon in my body. It took me 20 years as a junior mailhandler just to get a job with weekends off. Even with 20 years, I had to bid one of the worst and heaviest jobs in the facility for that job. Then, finally, having been suffering with a severe and painful case of plantar fasciitis, I bid to a different job where my seniority gave me a choice of different jobs. Unfortunately, the job I preferred was also preferred by a junior mailhandler who happened to be close personal friends with the supervisor, both in and out of work. They ganged up on me to make my work life miserable and finally, when the boss sneaked up behind me and started screaming at me for a minor and momentary oversight while I was busy with another part of my job, I had had enough and told her off. Two hours later, at the end of my shift of course, I found myself being walked out for creating a hostile work environment. My union grieved it, botched the arbitration miserably and had an obviously management biased arbitrator, and lost my grievance. 29 years down the drain and I don't even get to say goodbye to people I spent nearly 3 decades working alongside. My retirement plans are shot. I used to have an airplane. I gave a ride in that plane to the son of one of the supervisors testifying against me and had to sell it for a pittance to survive. It's been over a year since I got walked out and even now, I haven't gotten the official word that I lost my arbitration. My union hung me out to dry. The union member who was buddies with the boss wrote a statement and testified against me. And they all lied through their teeth. I busted my ass for them. I was in safety and health, Medical emergency response team, the hazmat/spill team, ergonomics committee and spent several years as a steward. But because I yelled back at a boss, I became "credible threat". Google "USPS toxic work environment" or "USPS hostile work environment" and you will see that the USPS has a long history of abusive management practices. Several years ago I asked a boss if he was trying to kill an older employee who was a disabled vet. Two months later the man was dead on the workroom floor. Fifteen minutes after they took his body out, everybody was ordered back to work. I have had a manager physically back me into a corner and start screaming at me with his finger an inch from my eyeball. I was walked out for that as well. I was brought back the next day and forced to apologize to HIM while being told that he would continue to behave in the "professional manner that he always has." I could literally write a book on the abuses that I've experienced. It has to stop. It's too late for me, but it has to stop and it has to stop now. These psychopaths they hire for management need to be removed and, in some cases, prosecuted.

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