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Victoria L. Johnson

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Help Pass My State's Anti Bullying Healthy Workplace Bill

The government shutdown is the ultimate evidence of "workplace bullying". When millionaires who lose no income or benefits themselves can hold the un- and underinsured hostage in exchange for federal and other workers having an ability to earn a living, pay their mortgages, tuition and other bills then this is evidence MORE than ever that we need "healthy workplace" legislation. Support healthy workplace legislation in Pennsylvania (and every other state) now!

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Alex Ottmueller

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Help Pass My State's Anti Bullying Healthy Workplace Bill

This is a personal cause for me, as well as for friends who had or still have to endure their degradation of Self. In the workplace, where we spend the majority of our day doing a job we like.........Until one bad apple spoils the crop. There are many ways one can be bullied, and should co-workers witness such events, the target cannot count on help, should it be needed. The outcome is unfortunately better for the bully than for the target. And that has to change! Please help me in this peaceful standing up to the bully(s) and help an Anti-bullying law in the workplace to get passed in the State of Georgia! Thank you kindly for your support. Let your voice be heard, and your action be the change you/we want to see!

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Penelope Telemachus

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Help Pass My State's Anti Bullying Healthy Workplace Bill

I'm a victim of workplace bullying. The tactic that was used on me is called: moving the goal post- setting objectives which subtly change and cannot ever be defined sufficiently to be achievable. In other words, the rules kept changing unbeknownst to me, and I was still expected to follow them. This is a tactic that is extremely manipulative and hard to define or pin down. The duties normally assigned to certain positions changed according to one particular employee, without any formal explanation from my actual supervisor. I got "ratted out" for supposed violations of rules that I wasn't even aware were in place. This tactic can make you look incompetent. It can make you feel like you're under a microscope while others are not held accountable. It's extremely distressing. The day before I would have to go to work, I would become extremely nervous and anxious, wondering what my coworker had up her sleeve next. I watched her get away with several union regulation violations, and listened to her bad mouth and demonize other employees. These were clues, that if given half the chance, she would do the same to me. I'm almost convinced, that if the union was not in place at my job, that I would have already been fired because of my coworker's bullying and abusive manipulation. There are currently no laws in place to protect employees from workplace bullying. It can affect health, work performance, and even the profits of the company that allows it. If we can get victims of workplace bullying, and even those who are not victims, but have high moral standards, to stand up against this growing epidemic which negatively affects the health of both businesses and employees alike, then we can finally hold bullies accountable for the severe damage they inflict.

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Kirk Smith

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Help Pass My State's Anti Bullying Healthy Workplace Bill

Work should be a healthy, fun, safe, productive, profitable and a non-bullying place. Since 9-11-2001 and before workplaces were losing their perspective of what work is and what matters for all people at workplaces. Fear is the greatest enemy and i think fear of the stock market losing value made many people also fearing losing their jobs which in hand made many suffer due to being overworked, mistreated and or abused at many workplaces. Its time to change this and be the productive America that we really are. The land of freedom and hard work but not unhealthy.

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Kristy Bell

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Help Pass My State's Anti Bullying Healthy Workplace Bill

Verbal abuse Offensive conduct/behaviors (including nonverbal) which are threatening, humiliating, or intimidating Work interference — sabotage — which prevents work from getting done The public may focus on the acts themselves, for example, verbal abuse. The most popular measure of bullying used by academic researchers is called the Negative Acts Questionnaire. Most consider verbal abuse unilaterally delivered to be sufficient to call the act bullying and the actor a bully. But we have a contrarian view. We believe acts alone do not constitute bullying. Some recipients of what we all would agree was verbal abuse are not negatively affected. They genuinely are not offended, hurt or damaged in any way. Individual differences in sensitivity and socialization can account for the very real result. Bullying requires both a committed act (actually acts done on a chronic basis) AND a negative effect on the recipient, the target. Neither act nor harm alone defines bullying. Without tangible impact, when there is no harm, there is no foul. Caveat: The onset of harm may be delayed as is PTSD. The absence of immediate harm followed by a latent effect is still harm. If no harm ever manifests itself, then we can say the person was not harmed and, therefore, not bullied. Tangible harm comes in at least four varieties. 1) Stress-related physical health harm. Studies by international researchers clearly document evidence that bullying, a personalized assault that acts as an overwhelming stressor, triggers the human stress response, which in turn, affects several human biological systems. Essentially body’s response to stress is widespread. Cardiovascular damage is the most noticeable, spanning hypertension to cardiac failure. The gastrointestinal, immunological and auto-immune systems are affected, too. New neuroscience studies confirm how brain regions atrophy when stress is unrelenting and flood the brain with stress hormones. Those changes, in turn, affect behavior such as memory and decision making. Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn showed that stress accelerates aging by affecting DNA cellular replication rates. 2) Emotional or psychological health harm. This is the category most recognized as the effect of bullying. In fact, our favorite synonym for bullying is psychological violence. By our definition, bullying is abusive, not trivial. Abuse fosters anxiety, clinical depression and, often, posttraumatic stress (PTSD). A 2012 WBI study confirms the psychological impact. Another important effect in this category is the need to re-define oneself after a traumatizing long fight against bullying. Belief in one’s competency has been shattered. The lies told about targets can lead to undeserved self-blame. All of that negativity must be reversed to move past the experience. Some people do better than others. Driven to despair, bullied targets can choose suicide (29% considered it; 16% actually have a plan). Thus, bullying tests targets’ psychological strength and resiliency. 3) Harm to social status. Humans are social animals. One of the cruelest tactics used by work groups to bully their target is to ostracize, socially exclude, the person. Loss of social standing threatens the individual’s identity, and as neuroscience studies show, triggers physical pain symptoms. Even a bullied worker not targeted by coworkers is shunned and treated like a pariah because others fear that association with him or her makes them the next target. A consequence of nearly all bullying scenarios is the isolation of targets. Isolation makes it harder to cope with stress at a time when the person’s tolerance for stress is tested. Shunning exacerbates the stress of bullying. When family and friends tire, targets suffer the most. 4) Economic harm. Simply being targeted spells potential economic disaster. According to a 2012 WBI large-sample study, an alarming 77% of targets lose their jobs: 28% quit, 25% terminated involuntarily, 25% forced out by constructive discharge. In a 2011 WBI study, we asked bullied targets if they found a job after displacement from bullying. A quarter of those bullied never replaced their lost jobs. For those who found a job, 53% earned less money in their post-bullying position. Each of these harm categories is tangible and measurable. If any or all are suffered by a bullied target, then it’s easy to infer that bullying has occurred. Search for the source of the stress, the stressor. Stressors will be some combination of an individual acting badly and the less visible, but greatly influential, work environment and work conditions that make the bullying possible. When you see the extent of suffering that we hear about each day at WBI and capture in our surveys, it is hard to imagine how anyone can not want workplace bullying to stop. Yet, employers sit passively waiting for laws to compel them to act. Doing nothing is heartless.

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