Beautiful products arise from people who love what they do and create as they please, for their own reasons. Happy people are free to create their own future and consider the happiness of others.Let's ALL BE HAPPY.  While working with an Ethiopian coffee farmer named Dukale, Hugh Jackman realized that amazing products and the talented people who make them don’t receive the attention they deserve. Determined to bring distinctive products to market while supporting individual producers and the growth of local communities, he formed Laughing Man Worldwide. By reinvesting its profits to assist community development and entrepreneurial education, Laughing Man Worldwide offers assistance for people to begin making their own way.  Hugh Jackman first created the business Laughing Man Coffee and Tea, which brought to market Dukale's exceptional coffee. Dukale is only one man, one product and one story, but there are many others like him. Laughing Man Worldwide will continue to support new ventures one person at a time. 

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