Plastic is now a regular material being used on a daily basis. Plastic is everywhere--water/beverage bottles, food containers, grocery bags, financial transactions (Debit/Credit cards, plastic money), storage, baggage, stationary items, electronic and electrical products and every foreseeable item that a human being can think of. Plastic as a product is now a regular feature of manufacturing, consumption, and service activities.

Some of the environmental hazards due to plastic are:

1. Littering of landfills and other open spaces with plastic garbage becomes unhygienic and ugly,

2.Blocking municipal sewage systems which leads to spreading of water borne diseases and increasing the cost of sewage maintenance systems.

3.Soil fertility is affected because plastic isn't biodegradable and remains in the soil for years.

4.Death of animals due to suffocation and stomach and intestine related diseases from eating plastic items, especially plastic food bags.

5.Plastic waste endangers marine life like fish, sea birds, otters and other marine species which swallow these plastic wastes as food items, leading to a premature death of these precious marine species.

6.Pollution of environment by industries manufacturing plastic materials.  Disposal of the plastic waste and chemicals used in the process of manufacturing plastic material into nearby water channels and open spaces cause health hazards as well as environmental pollution in a vast area.

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