Simply boycott Coca-Cola. It will have the added advantage that you will not be consuming all that fattening sugar!

Go to the coke cola lorry locations arounf the coyntry at Xmas with gay pride flags and signs saying withdrae from the Olympics n post the everywrre

Kellen Louise
Kellen Louise Campaign leader

Coca-Cola has yet to step up to the plate and take a public stance against Russia's anti-gay laws. With three months until the Winter…Read More

Coca-Cola refuses to help gay Russians at Olympics

Gay Star News
Photo courtesy of All Out. Coca-Cola has indicated it will not be taking a stance against Russia’s anti-gay laws at the Sochi Winter Olympics where it is a headline sponsor. The soft drinks firm has also backed the International Olympic Committee’s response to Russian human rights abuses. This is despite the IOC being slammed for failing gay…Read More