I think it is despicable that, over the centuries, people of the "Old World" have invaded the "New World", the Americas, and treated the indigenous peoples of those areas abominably. Mostly the Spanish and Portuguese, in South America, and many European nations in North America. They have…Read More

I believe I have indigenous roots alsoI believe that it's important to these people what is important to others is also important to me do onto others as you would want on to you

I believe that the Amazon Rainforest should remain as innocent as it was 100 years or more ago, protect its indigenous people and their livelihood and the beautiful Amazon Rainforest, its creatures, its beauty and retain the beauty of it all. Stop polluting the rivers, logging and not…Read More

Nothing matters more than the rainforest. It is literally vital to every breath of air we take. We must make sure it remains vital and healthy forever.

When I was twenty, I went all around Brasil by bus. By chance I had heard of a destination to meet isolated Kayapo indians in Para. After a couple of days in the village, I went fishing with a young Cayapo. I was rawing, he throwed the net.
After a while, we stoped with friends on the beach and…Read More

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