Time to Modernize the Voting Process

  • Update #11

We have some awesome news to share! During the State of the Union address last year, the President announced a bipartisan commission that would research and recommend ways to improve the Election Day experience. This announcement came after widespread…Read More

Time to #RocktheVote

  • Update #9

This is it! The day we've been waiting for has finally arrived. Today is Election Day 2013 and the ballots are officially open! With over 1,500 elections around the country, we're anticipating a strong youth turnout. Take a second and review Rock the Vote's…Read More

What's Your Election Day Plan?

  • Update #8

Did you know that next Tuesday -- November 5th -- more than 1,500 elections will take place across the country? Voting in a state or local election is the easiest way to impact decisions and issues that you care about.  Don't let Election Day pass you by!  …Read More

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