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Hillary Lehr

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Get Registered To Vote On Voter Registration Day!

Our voting rights are under attack! We should stand up and fight back, and let's start by registering to vote when it isn't the last minute. Will you join me and pledge to register to vote next Tuesday? When you take the pledge, Rock the Vote will send you an email early Tuesday morning to follow up and make registering to vote as EASY as humanly possible. I am trying to get 10 friends to take the pledge with me, and I hope you will be one of them!!

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Grace Grantham

Grace is gathering 10 pledges to

Get Registered To Vote On Voter Registration Day!

Voting is a right we have as being Americans. Voting allows YOU to speak your mind, make changes you feel would make our country - your life better. Yes we have differences but that's what makes the right to vote so wonderful. Many feel if that even if they vote they don't make a difference NOT TRUE! Each individual that votes is tracked-minority groups. I know as for being disabled I love hearing,seeing people making an effort to get somewhere to make your voice heard. Vote- it's your right to make change for the better,for your family and thoes who will fallow in your history.

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