Oxfam's done 18 months of research on the top 10 food and beverage companies and the impacts of their policies on major social and environmental issues. What did we find? All 10 could be doing a lot more to help make our world a better place. 

Specifically, the world's biggest cocoa buyers – Mars, Mondelez, and Nestlé, who make products like M&Ms, Oreos, and Crunch – must make equality for women cocoa farmers a priority. When it comes to women, these 3 companies all score low on our Brand Scorecard because:

  • Most cocoa farmers and workers live below the poverty line, and many earn less than $2 a day. 
  •  Less than 5% of the price of a typical chocolate bar goes back to cocoa farmers. 
  •  In West Africa, where most of the world's cocoa comes from, women do nearly half of the labor on cocoa farms but own just a quarter of the land. 
  • Women working on cocoa farms have fewer economic opportunities and, as workers, typically earn less than men. Just one example: in Nigeria, farmers told our researchers that women are paid $2-3 for a day's work, while men earn around $7 per day.

The women who grow and pick the cocoa that Mars, Mondelez, and Nestlé put in their products deserve better: better pay, fair treatment, opportunities for training, the chance to own the land they work, and more. It all starts with consumers like you raising your voice today. 

Help expose the truth Behind the Brands. Together we can change the way these companies do business - and give poeple in poverty the tools they need to thrive.

Learn more about Oxfam's Behind the Brands campaign at BehindTheBrands.org

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