Healing Helpers Hospital and Mended Little Hearts of Kansas City and St Louis have partnered in order to provide more Healing Helpers to children facing complex medical conditions... in particular heart-related conditions. Healing Helpers is a relatively new charitable organization that has become very well-known throughout the pediatric medical community because of the invaluable resources they provide to sick children all over the nation. Mended Little Hearts is a nonprofit organization that provides support, resources, education, advocacy, etc. to children with Congenital Heart Defects and Heart Disease. One of the services MLH offers is the ability for a liaison to go to the hospital to meet with each family/child to discuss resources and care. Care-bags are provided during these visits to help provide items for their basic needs in addition to fun games and toys. These two organizations have partnered in order to eventually be able to provide a Healing Helper to each child that Mended Little Hearts sees.  

Each Healing Helper is uniquely hand-tailored to match the child adopting it. 'Surgery' is performed on the stuffed animal to match the child for whom they are intended. There is a zipper in place of a scar and a mended organ representing their own. These animals are an incredible source of comfort to children, letting them know that they are not alone. 

While creating Helpers for children is something the organization is passionate about and LOVES doing, this level of personalization requires a lot of time which means that there are a limited number of children that are able to receive these special gifts. In order for Healing Helpers to increase production, it needs specialized equipment.

Currently, Healing Helpers has a single-needle machine that they are using to create each animal. Our goal is to provide them with a 6+ needle professional embroidery machine that has a touchscreen. The touchscreen would allow for manipulation of the design right there on the machine, shaving off time that would otherwise be spent creating designs on their computer and then transferring it to their current machine. Embroidery software would also help speed this process up! The cost for a good embroidery machine start at $6500.00 and software averages around $500.00.

A dye cutter (with dyes) would eliminate the need for Healing Helper's to cut the shape of each organ by hand. They could run the felt under the dye cutter and cut multiple organ shapes from the felt at one time. The cost of a dye cutter is around $400.00 with each dye ranging from $15.00-$20.00/piece.

What we need from YOU:                                                                                        Your donation will go directly to Healing Helpers Hospital, allowing them to purchase the equipment and supplies needed to increase their production of these incredible comfort items. Whether it is $2.00 or $2000.00, every little bit counts! 

Because of YOU and your donation, we are able to move forward towards the goal of having every child with Mended Little Hearts receive their very own Helper! Thank you!

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