No story, it's without a doubt animal abuse (which 1000's are trying to stop) as well as inhumane. What a horrible way to DIE, fighting and gasping for air so you can live. The people responsible for this should be put into a gas chamber. Maybe they can post a story here telling about their…Read More

Ohio SPCA Campaign leader

Wow! Over 3,300 voices are being heard. We can do this together. Be Their Voice - Speak Out! This homemade gas box is gone! The Ohio…Read More

end the gassing of dogs and cats in Ohio county shelters.

As a research scientist and former vet. tech, I implore all Ohioans to contact officials in the 5 counties that currently either use or house gas chambers for euthanization of animals. This is an incredibly inhumane, slow and agonizing death. Please everyone do your part and be the voice for…Read More

This method of killing cats and dogs is totally outrageus. If an animal HAS to be put down, surely it would be more humane to inject them and put them asleep humanely.

This is the letter i wrote and I will make all the phone calls tomorrow am!
It is time for Ohio to end the inhumane method of killing animals in the gas chambers and with heart stick!
The support in the legislature has to end for the “mass commercial breeding facilities” that are known the…Read More

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