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Wilhelmina Vanputten

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End The Gassing Of Dogs And Cats In Ohio County Shelters.

Gassing animals is more than inhumane it's barbaric torture and ultimate animal abuse!!! I might live in Australia but I will never accept gassing animals or using heartsticks to kill animals in such a murderous way to ever be ok or acceptable!!! We all know what's happens !!! Serial killers and murderers rapists etc don't get gassed or killed by a Heartstick!!!! No no we must all band together and ban these methods of execution.....traps guns hunted for trophies and thrill kill amusements when are the innocent victims the poor empty sad souls hurting from their humans turning their back on them and get away with it!!! It's not fair it's not right !!! It will only ever stop when the civilized humans in this world keep fighting for the animals rights.. Don't they deserve to live don't they deserve justice when they are attacked tortured and murdered? They feel sense grieve cry feel sadness scared and alone just like us!! Speak up and out be their voice tell the powers that be that heartsticks and gassing animals is wrong cruel inhumane and shelters that use these methods need to stop murdering innocent animals this is not the way ...

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Cindi Tanksley

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End The Gassing Of Dogs And Cats In Ohio County Shelters.

This is such an awful way for animals to be killed. It is extremely cruel and painful. It's actually barbaric. I'm shocked we still have places actually gassing precious animals as if they are worthless. If you know anything ab the process it would make you sick and break your heart that the animals that do nothing but love you are dying a long awful death. It's disgusting and wrong. The people who do this and or stand for it are just horrible. Pls sigh & share. Pls make a strong stand for them.

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