Because My Son Was Taken Away By A Child Abuser..

Stacy, your campaign must be as important in USA as are campaigns in our country - South Africa. The media have been giving ongoing reports of little children and babies being abducted raped and killed. This past week there were 2 little, little girls found. The people in the region want to take…Read More

Child abusers need to be stopped. A child is always innocent and their safety is our number one concern. Protect our children from any harm. Abusers beware stricter penalties are long overdue. Please help support this cause.

Child abuse is unacceptable and has lasting affects on the children being abused. It should not matter what the abuse is (whether it be physical, mental, emotional, verbal, sexual, etc.), abuse is abuse and should be taken very seriously. Please make stricter penalties for child abusers to ensure…Read More