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Brianne Provencher

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Make The Penalties Stricter And Universal Statewide For Child Abusers

There is an unfathomable level of depravity immersed within a person who would wantonly harm a helpless, innocent child. These monsters cannot be rehabilitated. It isn't possible to rehabilitate malignance that's engrained into a persons core being. An adult who uses their position, whether it be through authority, or the trust of a child, to bring harm to that child is profoundly heinous. Most of the offenders released will undoubtedly abuse again, with a good probability that the abuse, and violence would escalate to even more shocking proportions. A malevolent person is just that- a vile, evil person, and surrounding them with other sinister people in prison isn't a cure for that. There is no cure, and these people should never be able to walk freely among us again. All I need from you to help in my campaign to keep this danger away from our children, is a signature. Please take the time to sign, and support my fight against these disturbing acts. Thank you.

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Nicc Infini

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Make The Penalties Stricter And Universal Statewide For Child Abusers

I grew up in a home where my father was physically and emotionally abusive to my brother and I, and to my mother. In 1999, my brother committed suicide, citing "he was turning into the person he hated the most" referring to my father, which was so far from true in every possible way. He was 19 and facing "growing up" pains, reality of life, not the mirrored image of my father, beating his girlfriend, high all the time. In his honor, my mother's and my own, I let go of this pain and anger ~ living life with a broken spirit is too heavy a burden and will lead anyone to danger of some kind in a matter of time. It is those who are in crisis, those who struggle with these issues, the youth that can be reached and begin the journey of repair and formation of the beauty, strength and character that can come after all!

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