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RE: CLUB KIDS CHRISTMAS IN THE HOOD @ WASHINGTON PARK ATTN: Public Relation Department (donations) Hello, To whom it may concern: I am writing on behalf of the Club Kids nonprofit 501c3 organization. For several years we have provided underprivileged children a safe outlet to keep kids safe and out of jails and off streets by creating a fun environment by offering them fun and safe alternatives. This has been made possible because of generous donations we have received from aware citizens and businesses like yourselves. We are asking for you to donate us monitory funds, volunteers, in-kind support, food or supplies so we can reward the kids in our community for a job well done, We will like to HELP as many inner city kids as possible. We will be giving the items away at our annual event CLUB KIDS CHRISTMAS IN THE HOOD Bags of Hope @ WASHINGTON PARK 2013. We are expecting over five hundred kids plus a large number of parents. Thank you for your consideration and all your support, we will supply you with all tax exempt information upon request or you can visit guidestar.com For more information on what we do please visit our web site or just give us a call. We appreciate your generous support and for believing in us and our organization mission. Yours Sincerely, Marcus Duke 414-732-1765 501c3 Tax # 39-1991555

Email: [email protected] Facebook: club kids in danger saved www.clubkids414.org


TITLE SPONSORSHIP $1000 presented by (your name) and logo on all printed materials, 5000 4x6 postcards, TV weekly full page add, 3x8 banner, mentions on all TV and Radio spots, name displayed and mentioned throughout the event, large banner at main registration /sign-up tent, logo and name on commemorative items, you will be responsible for any promotional items. You will be our title sponsor your name will be on everything and mentioned throughout all promotions. And on all web pages and more. 

Toy Tent Sponsorship 500.00 – buys 100 toys at $5.00 each we will place 10X10 tents throughout the park or in the building with your personal banner (name) on it, we will staff the tent with friendly volunteers dressed up in costumes and distributing the items to the kids, you will be responsible for any promotional items, we would place your name and logo on all printed materials, 5000 4x6 postcards, TV weekly full page add, 3x8 banner, logo and name on commemorative park MAP 

General Sponsorship $250.00 your name and logo on all printed materials, 5000 4x6 postcards, TV weekly full page add, shared 3x8 banner mentioned throughout the event. 

T-Shirt Sponsorship This is a great way to help us raise the funds for this event you can keep the shirts for your team or you can donate them to the kids of the community.

$10.00 for all kid shirts 

$10.00 small – large 

$15.00 X large -5X please go to www.clubkids414.org to place your order 

Wish List - please donate in-kind items for FREE giveaway clothes – shoes – t-shirts - toothpaste – hand soaps – combs – brushes – crayons coats – coloring books – school supplies – over stock item - promotional items – hats and glove sets – hair bows – toys – balls – socks – underwear – etc... 


Milwaukee County Parks – McBob's Pub & Grill – Hatco Corp – Mario Dickens Creations Jake's Deli – Urban Ecology Center – Whole Foods – Hupy & Abraham - SEMO imprints- Central City Distribution Co – please join them!!!

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