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Personal Campaign

Hamzi Yazbeck

Hamzi is gathering 50 signatures to

Support Passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Most People Came to America for the Justice, the dream of living a life without the persecution of their tribes, families, political bullies, religious intolerance...and to pursue the American dream they will contribute to the greatness of America, a land built on the backs of immigrants. All Humans make mistakes, its not their fault to be feel American at heart and loyally pursue the betterment of the land of the free. They need help to establish basis from which they can grow and prosper to the benefit of The Great USA...Land of the Free , Home of the brave.

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Personal Campaign

Rosa Vasquez

Rosa is gathering 10 signatures to

Support Passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

It matters my father & mother had an opprtunity to become legal start a new life in usa why not others, just because we are low or middle class educated doesnt mean we cant become high class educated we can, let us show you we are hard workers in any field of work fast paced learners self motivated & well mannered ask your fellow presidents managers supervisors of any field work you does a good job thank you

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Personal Campaign

Patricia Gill

Patricia is gathering 10 signatures to

Support Passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Greetings from Savior's Welfare Organization am masters Psychology, mother of two teenage kids, daughter 15 & son 13 years old, they are student of 10th class. I was social worker by profession, serving suffering humanity under the flag of Savior's Welfare Organization by providing Free Medical Relief plus Free Ration to the ultra poor at the outskirts of Karachi, Pakistan. My husband a flirt policeman, being interested in other women, used to abuse me harshly, tortured me & my kids mentally & physically, finally left me & my two kids on 21-08-2013 all helpless & alone in Maripur, (danger zone) at the coastal belt of Karachi, Pakistan. since I was a social worker, used to distribute Free Ration & Free Medical Relief to the ultra poor, so people think that am a wealthy woman. Infact its contrary to this! I used to help ultra poor needy humanity by the help of prosperous ones in my friends' circle! they used to contribute for the good cause! besides this am a high blood pressure & kidney patient as well, my right kidney is non-functioning, so after viewing my selfless services for the sick & suffering humanity, they developed a soft corner in their hearts for me & for the good cause, so they started helping ! but now since am a single woman/ parent, my husband left me & my kids all helpless & alone in the locality where there is lot of street crimes & law & order situations! so can not continue my welfare activities any more.. I myself in danger, can't continue my services, as I had threats from criminal gangsters that they will kidnap me & my kids & then I shall have to pay them big amounts to get them back! so I have to avoid going out,I can not sleep for the whole nights due to fear of life! My neighbours & surrounding know all our story, that now am single, so they started taking undue advantage of this sceneiro, my wall neighbour, a Muslim family used to torture me & my poor, innocent kids by coming on our roof in nights, used to throw black magic things in our house, make us all fear, so we used to cry, pray & awake for the whole nights, they want us to go away from here, so they may takeover our house, which is only shelter we have now! when I requested them to plz stop such behavior, don't be cruel for humanity sake, they said, we'll charge you Law "that you abuse our holy Prophet & say against him", so the extremists will come & fire you, your kids & your home" ! finding me single & helpless woman, they have really given us a hard time ! so now I sell my household items to feed my kids, sometimes its very hard for me to pay my kids' school fees even, then they suffer with insult & discrimination from the school authorities! there are just 4 or 5 Christian students in the school, & my two kids are among them so they face discrimination a lot! its hard to pay other utility bills as well, then disconnection of Electricity & gas fears me a lot as well! can not go out to work, as I have threats from my in-laws & from my husband that they will kill me & take away the kids! neither I can request my friends to help & for how long they will help me sitting at home, and they know that being helpless & alone these days am not going out to help others, so can't request them for financial help, so life has become all disaster & really hard to survive !!! sometimes I want to kill myself due to all this fearful & helpless phase in life.... but thinking that what will happen to my innocent kids after my death. stops me for attempting suicide! just don't know what to do now, want to migrate to any blessed country where I could work for myself & for my kids' future! Please for God sake & for the sake of humanity help us, we are in need, we are in danger ! we are being penalized just for doing nothing wrong, to any one. Me & my poor kids just want to go out of this valley of tears & fears to a blessed land where we can take healthy breadth & live peacefully. Me & my poor, innocent kids shall remain grateful if we are given chance & a help to get out of this dangerous place where there is no life security & fear everywhere! May God help & bless the helping, guardian angles on earth. Amen.

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