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    FWD.us was started by key leaders in the tech community to promote policies to keep the United…Read More

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More proof of how badly immigration is broken.

I Served My Country. Then It Kicked Me Out.

I often think about Friday dinners with my family. Every Friday, no matter what, my wife and I took our two children out to eat; it was a ritual we looked forward to all week. We would sometimes try new restaurants, but my children’s favorite was the Olive Garden. My daughter loved to order Shirley Temples and my son always wanted whatever I was…Read More

Negative campaigns has been use against immigrants on how they will affect adversely the economy of our country. No longer Congress can…Read More

Undocumented Immigrants Contribute Billions in Taxes

Immigration Impact
Death and taxes, according to Benjamin Franklin, are the only things in life that are certain. And despite the prevailing myth perpetrated by nativist groups, there are plenty of undocumented immigrants facing the certainty of taxes on April 15. They pay billions in state and local taxes every year that help to fund benefits they are often unable…Read More
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