We did it!

  • Victory

We won! By "we" I mean the over 30,000 people who took action in support of the food garden cause. The Drummondville front yard garden case attracted over 30,000 petition signatures, significant international media attention and what seemed to be an endless…Read More

Update on August 03, 2012

  • Update #6

Dear Garden Advocate, We just went over 17,000 signatures on our front yard garden petition on our way to 20,000 by next week. While we're waiting for the local authorities to react, we have another garden mission for you if you choose to accept it: vote our…Read More

Update on July 26, 2012

  • Update #5

Thanks, again, to all who signed our petition. We're now in a holding pattern until August 13th when a review committee meets to discuss the specifics of Josée's and Michel's case. I'll keep you updated on that. In the meanwhile, you can help the garden cause…Read More

Update on July 23, 2012

  • Update #4

Dear Kitchen Garden Supporters, Here's a breaking update on Canada's most famous front yard garden. Multiple media sources (see links below) are reporting that Josée and Michel have been given a stay until September 1st which will allow them to harvest most…Read More

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