Kitchen Gardeners International (KGI) turns 10 this fall and we're launching a fundraising campaign to raise $1000 on the Causes platform by November 21st, our official "birthday" as a 501c3 nonprofit. 

To reach our goal, all we need is for 40 people like you to step forward to donate $25. Easy peasy, right?

Many people know us as as the group that ran the successful online campaign for a White House kitchen garden and others discovered us via our campaigns to defend front yard and family gardens in Quebec, Orlando and, most recently, South Dakota. Together, our petition campaigns on the Causes platform have generated over 150,000 signatures and massive international media coverage.

We're now looking towards the future and to what the food garden movement needs most to grow and thrive. Funds from our 10th Anniversary Campaign will go towards our Sow It Forward program which offers grants of cash, seeds and supplies to school and community gardens across the US and around the world. This year, Sow It Forward reached 24,000 people and with your help we can double that number next year.   

Thank you for helping us make healthy kitchen gardens more accessible to all!

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