Every woman and child has a innate will to live and survive. As Les Brown would say "There's Greatness in You!" This is true for everyone. Think of every dream, invention or miracle that Girl could have achieved that can make the world a better place. Every one has the right the live.

Research by Geary (2005) and Baron- Cohen (2003) supports that socially women care about the group, the family, the team, the clan. This is because women care about relationships and often place people first before profit. Unlike men women are hard wired to tend and befriend rather than fight and…Read More

This needs to stop. It shouldn't matter what a persons gender is. Life is Life! The LORD giveth and only The LORD should prevail over who dies-not man.

Gendercide is murder. that is why I am I am against it. "Thou shall not commit murder."

There is nothing wrong with girls I have three. They are a Godsend. Girls have more time for their parents. I wanted a boy, of course, but I was not blessed with one. I have three grandsons and three grand-daughters too. Would not swap any of them for all the money in the world. Girls are…Read More

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