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End Gendercide Now

Desde la Fundación San Francisco de asís- en la localidad de Zarzal Valle del Cauca-Colombia, La protección de los perros y gatos callejeros abandonados es de gran importancia desde lo humanitario y de salud pública. Cada vez hay en el planeta más gente comprometida con las causas de bienestar animal, al tiempo que existen leyes y gobiernos exigiendo su estricto cumplimiento. Al igual que la Fundación Sn. Fr. de Asís, El caso del Bosque los mena también requiere apoyo por parte de la corporación ambiental C.V.C. y de la alcaldía del Municipio de Zarzal en lo que resta de 2.013 y el año 2.014. Gracias.-

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Shermaine Ng

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End Gendercide Now

I am a 16 year old girl who has enjoyed the privilege of 12 years of education or so and I am reminded everyday that I was born to do great things, capable of doing whatever I believe in; so I strongly believe that everyone has the potential and rights to do what they want to and lead the life they want for themselves. Gender is definitely not a good reason to deny anyone of that right.

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Allison Sontag

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End Gendercide Now

I want to end gendercide because it is not right to take away the rights of an unborn child just because of the babies gender. I want to end gendercide because mothers should not be afraid of having a girl, and should not be forced to have an abortion or have to go into hiding just to keep their baby girl. I want to end gendercide because no parents should feel ashamed or be rejected having a baby girl. "Imagine hearing some of the most exciting news of your life: A doctor tells you you’re going to have your first baby. But then your doctor does an ultrasound—and says what have become the three deadliest words in the world: “It’s a girl.” In China, India, and other parts of the world, those words are a death sentence for millions of unborn baby girls. In both countries, part of the problem is a centuries-long cultural preference for boys, combined with coercive government policies. If the mother is pregnant with a girl, her family pressures her into aborting her daughter or abandoning her once she’s born. In China, the vicious One-Child policy also plays a large role. If a woman becomes illegally pregnant with a second child, she is forcibly aborted, and even newborn babies are killed. If a mother wants to save her baby’s life, she must go into hiding. According to the United Nations, up to 200 million females are missing because of gendercide—victims of a systematic, methodical extermination of a gender. This has created a severe gender imbalance in the affected countries; to deal with it, women from other countries are kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery, or forced to live as wives to men who cannot find them in their own countries. Women forced to abort their babies often commit suicide. To bring attention to this horrific problem, documentary filmmakers and human rights groups created a film titled “It’s a Girl.” It tells the stories of women who are pressured to literally kill for a son, and of mothers who would do anything to save their daughters. It follows the lives of unwanted girls, who are abandoned and trafficked."(

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