Spark is a non-profit that provides small grants and pro bono services for grassroots women's organizations.  But that description doesn't do it justice - Spark punches far above its philanthropic weight:

  • With 10,000 members, we are the largest network of millennial philanthropists in the United States.  That's with only two paid staff!
  • Which means we rely on our members to be a giving circle of volunteers and a community of learners.  And anyone can get involved.
  • Almost half our members are men, because we emphasize that women's rights are human rights.
  • In doing all this, we're not only providing a spark for women's organizations, we're also cultivating the next leaders in philanthropy.
I have the privilege to serve on Spark's Board of Directors.  And for my birthday, I would like to raise money for Spark.  Please help me!
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