Stop Abusing Ducks and Geese - No more Foie Gras!

am signing this competition.because I love animal sooo much.i can't stand to see this on the hurts me sooo badley.i can't stop crying,when I see animal beng abuse.and there hurting bad.. am glad you decided to put up a competition.thank you sooo much.its a good thing were doeing here..thankā€¦Read More

Another horrific animal abuse true story. You should know the truth. Watch the video and sign the petition today!


I love to help and I love nature. I am also against animal cruelty and abuse. I love Ducks, Geese and all animals. I want to make a change and make a better world to live in. No more Foie Grast!

We all deserve respect, these limits do not exceed.

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