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Boycott Tyson Foods!

As many of you know, I have recently become a chicken Mom this past year and I have come to really love my chickens. They are funny little creatures that, albeit not the smartest creatures, deserve a descent life and and descent death. I have slowly but surely been moving toward buying and serving only animals and food products that have been raised with respect and care. It is our responsibility to be informed about our food system and make informed decisions. We all know what goes on in factory farming and to continue to choose to turn our heads and pretend like we don't know is inhumane and heartbreaking.

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Julie Martinez

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Boycott Tyson Foods!

Tyson foods sells mutilated mistreated animals in thier CRAPPY food. Boycott all of them ! Here is a story which describes my outrage. Please help the voiceless! "I am absolutely in shock! This is horrific. I'm by no means a vegetarian or a vegan, I eat meat but I'm for humane slaughter not inhumane cruelity. When I saw the under cover tyson video I was in tears, how could these people treat these animals that way! What is wrong with them, what did these animals do to deserve that torture. Shame on The Tyson company for letting this happen and to hell with those people! I will not ever support Tyson products again, and will spread the word." I am Vegan because I dont believe in inflicting hurt on voiceless innocent animals.

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