A bee gave me a kiss so i thought i would give the bees a kiss back!(:

I am a 70 year old woman whose father was a beekeeper. As a child I worked in the bee yards and sold honey door to door. Our enemy back then was DDT. We celebrated when it was banned. Now in want another celebration. Keep up the good work!!

I think this is pretty self explanatory. This cause goes to the very heart of human existence. We have enough food now to feed every man woman and child on the planet, this will not be the case if the bees continue to decline in numbers at the present rate.

If we save the bees,we save our life and the whole Eco-system,remember everything is connecting with everything else,we are life !!!

Bees are harbingers of the health of the planet. When they die off in large numbers without obvious reason, we should be worried. I strongly support the banning of all neonicotinoids until thorough and unbiased studies prove that they are not responsible for colony collapse disorder. I believeā€¦Read More

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