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Save The Bees And Save Our Food!

It may not seem important to you in this busy life we enjoy but if every single bee was wiped out by disease, our food supply would grind to a halt. The simple fact is, that bees pollinate our food in it's natural state, fruit, nuts, medicines and much more and provide life for it's growth. The bad news is, that it's happening right now. The Varoa Destructor is a small mite which almost every bee in most countries of the world have been infested with and it is killing our bees. We in Australia are fortunate because we are one of the few countries who have so far not been infected. So much so, that we export billions of bees each year to the US to keep their Almond industry alive. However, time is running out, even for us, here in Australia unless we are vigilant. So help our cause to save our bees by signing this petition. So I say Thank you now, so you will thank me later when this blight has been controlled.

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