Ag gag laws criminalize the collection of evidence of animal abuse on factory farms and are a threat to people across the country. These laws prevent the public from seeing the abuse of animals, illegal working conditions, and risky food safety practices that are common behind the closed gates of industrial farming facilities.

In February, Utah became the first state to charge an individual under an ag gag law. Amy Meyer, a Salt Lake City resident, videotaped animal abuse at a slaughterhouse from a public road and was charged under Utah's ag gag law. The state dismissed her case after a public outcry, but Amy still feels the chilling effect of Utah's law. 

The Animal Legal Defense Fund and PETA have filed a groundbreaking lawsuit challenging Utah's ag gag law for violating the First Amendment, Supremacy Clause, and Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The lawsuit is the first in the nation to challenge the constitutionality of ag gag  laws. 

Help ALDF protect free speech—sign the petition asking Utah's legislative leadership to support a repeal of Utah's ag gag law today.


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