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Nick Magel
Nick Magel Campaign leader

It's got to stop.

A petition to Merced Chief of Police, Norm Andrade; Merced Mayor, Stan Thurston. · Stop Meced Police from using animals for target practice. · causes.com

By changing the Policy of the Meced Police Department taking injured animals out to the shooting range to shoot them we can guarantee that critically injured animals are not euthanized unnecessarily. By always involving the experts of animal control we can make sure that injured animals receive the treatment they need and if the unfortunatly…Read More
Nick Magel
Nick Magel Campaign leader

This policy is barbaric!

Merced Police Policy Of Taking Injured Animals To Shooting Range Comes Under Fire - CBS Sacramento

CBS Sacramento
MERCED (CBS13) — Animal lovers are questioning a policy where Merced Police officers take injured animals out to the police shooting range to kill them. The penal code has been on the books for decades. Some officers say it’s the most humane thing you can do, while others call it barbaric. Officers use deadly force to save the lives of others,…Read More
Nick Magel
Nick Magel Campaign leader

Do you buy the Merced Police Department's explanation? Watch the video and decide

Merced Police Clarify Animal Neglect Law | KSEE 24 News - Central Valley's News Station: Fresno-Visalia - News, Sports, Weather

September 12, 2013 Updated Sep 12, 2013 at 11:20 PM PDT Merced police say it's quite rare that a patrol officer will have to put a dog down. They'd rather not, but they do have to get the stray population under control. Merced police want to clarify the law on animal control in their city. Police had to put down an injured dog last…Read More
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