I object to the fact that the first world grows fatter on highly processed junk food while poor countries loose the resources to sustainably feed their families and keep their dignity, not to mention the impact on climate and biodiversity caused by burning off rainforest

There are several reasons why u should sign this petición, but for me the most important one is that orangutans are very Smart , they suffer like humans and we have to respect all God's Creations!!!!

Orangutangs have been diminished, made into comedic creatures - only because they are so much like us - just a little more hair! They have sophisticated lifestyles, family pacts, healthy habits. Their way of living can teach us so much - and when any orangutang and its family befriends a human and…Read More

We need to make people aware of the devastation and death caused all because of an ingredient in confectionary and consumer products, palm oil. It's not your fault for not knowing, but is your fault for not sharing this knowledge once you've been made aware. Be wise, don't buy products containing…Read More

As former owners of a franchise by the name of The Cheesecake Shop in Australia we were forced to use vegetable shortening with palm oil in it for the production of cheesecakes,tortes,mudcakes etc. Forced because in this franchise system you have to purchase specified ingredients for their recipes…Read More

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