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Jason Sifflet

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Get Monsanto Off Your Lawn!

In St Lucia, we have been experiencing agricultural decline for decades as free trade rules and GM copyrights force our peasant farmers into a corner. Political corruption and collusion with multi-nationals helped cripple out banana industry. But the market keeps affirming that our bananas are the best, because they are grown more organically and more ethically. You can TASTE goodness. Recently, the small islands around us became away of what this company was using the US Government to do in Latin America. They are threatening to withdraw aid if Central Americans don't buy Montsano seeds. It's economic terrorism. Hijacking. Blackmail on a national scale. We can't let that happen to us.

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Trond Ruud

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Get Monsanto Off Your Lawn!

Scientists recently discovered that the Bt toxins found in Monsanto’s crops are damaging to red blood cells which are key to delivering oxygen to the body. They have been linked to cancer and kidney function decline. You can read more about that here: It doesn’t stop there, Monsanto’s roundup was also linked to Autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease not to long ago.

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Rebecca Flores

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Get Monsanto Off Your Lawn!

It may not seem like much... but grass is EVERYWHERE! And because most everyone has a front lawn and it seems natural and beautifully green.... we don't really think about all who are using tainted seeds...right? But stop and think about the life in the soil. The good buggy boos that keep it aerated and make the soil rich and alive. Please STOP killing the worms and life in your soil by using seeds designed to kill bugs. The insects that live there were designed to do just that benefit the soil. If the bad ones get in, get rid of them naturally. We can do it! WE DON'T NEED MONSANTO OR SCOTT'S TO CHANGE OUR SEEDS! Please join me in the pledge to stop using grass seeds (and vegetable seeds) tainted with the chemicals like glyphosate which is found in Roundup. Together we can change our environment for a healthier future.

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