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Get Obama To Keep His Campaign Promise To Label Gm Os

Hello beautiful people, I really want this poisonous stuff labeled, but more than that, I want it taken out.... We don't need nor want this trash in our stores. Or in our bodies I've heard people complain than organic produce is just so much more expensive, which it is, making it out of range for their food budget. I understand, truly, as I live on disability, and if it weren't for EBT....Well, I don't want to go there. I do buy organic food,( locally whenever possible,) and I don't buy stuff that has any GMO ingredients, at least 96% of the time, but it is not easy . You have to remember, that unless otherwise stated, that the flour, or whatever, was grown by way of GMO. Which means the the grain, & everything else they grow, was made from a modified seed. Modified to grow a plant that has poison within, so that it will kill any bug that tries to eat it.... Wait...why do I feel like a big bug? or better still, a lab rat. YUCK ! Well, all this and more, is why I'm motivated to run my own campaign. I ask that you sign and share....Please <3 ^A^

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