It’s a rare opportunity to hear it from the experts. On January 27-30, you can join in a virtual conference on GMOs. You’ll hear from…Read More

GMOs: What You Need to Know

Mouse over the images to learn more about each speaker and their session! GMO and the Pesticide Treadmill with Marcia Ishii-Eiteman, PhD Marcia Ishii-Eiteman is a senior scientist and director of the Grassroots Science Program at Pesticide Action Network (PAN). Before joining PAN in 1996, Marcia worked in Asia and Africa for 14 years where…Read More

This is horrific.. All our animals, that we take such pride in, are sadly being given food that farmers are buying in local creameries, which have genetically modified soya bean included. Cattle, sheep and pigs are all being infected, and the public are, knowingly or unaware, eating and feeding…Read More

I like the idea behind this campaign, however, it is unfortunately pretty unfeasible to obtain as things are. Gmo foods have infested almost every food in our grocery stores and every fight to have them be officially labelled has been shut down via big money by the industry. I try my best to buy…Read More

stop eating genetically engineered food!

The man does not care anymore with life, but the profit they can get. Tax break this model, it is a matter of healthy survival. Natural…Read More

stop eating genetically engineered food!
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