They will be a lot healthier without eating foods that have been genetically engineered. I think many health problem have been caused by this.

We are made to eat genuine foods, not genetically modified as genetically modified may cause health problems we need not to have. we have the right to eat as genuine as possible foods and nobody may impose us what we must. we have the right for choice and we choise natural foods. claudio alpaca

we have to know whats in our food and how and where it is grown

I vote with my wallet. Though eating healthy is my primary reason for not buying GMO, I also insist on making a statement about fighting corruption and food regimes.

Breast Cancer Survivor,all the foods that have hormones antibiotics and steroids, r causing cancer people don't realize it but I have! You make bigger and juicier, better looking fruits and vegetables, poultry, beef and pork ,chicken,turkey ,milk products , cheeses, and much more out in the markets…Read More

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