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Personal Campaign

Danielle Reghi

Danielle is gathering 10 pledges to

Stop Eating Genetically Engineered Food!

I am from Kauai, the new home of monsanto and syngenta, and I believe they are poising my home with pesticides and monocrop cultivation. I am always saddened to see that when they till a new field, they leave all the plastic piping in the soil, and just till it in. Sometime they have to remove this plastic and there are giant mound of black next to the fields. Also, they refuse to implement safe and fair buffer zones for spraying pesticides. Not to mention, they are cruel and unfair to small farmers all over the US. I no longer want to support their corporate greed, and lust for power with my money.

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Personal Campaign

Michael Bergquist

Michael is gathering 100 pledges to

Stop Eating Genetically Engineered Food!

I'm not a profesional nutritionalist or a profesional anything for that matter except that I'm pretty good at this eating Anyways I know that there is scientific and other proofs that the food we eat is getting worse and worse,and we are becoming increasingly sicker as a whole because of it. We need better food and our money and voices are needed to help turn things around. Its never to little or too late...

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Personal Campaign

Geoffrey Wells

Geoffrey is gathering 10 pledges to

Stop Eating Genetically Engineered Food!

After a life of being heathy in spite of the abuse I put my body through - 40 years in construction, never wore a mask!, tobacco, alcohol, party a bit too hearty some times - issues began to creep up, primarily breathing (go figure). Smoking - I was over that - construction, I could barely walk without gasping how could I build a house!, that took care of the mask issue, moderation became a motto yet until I found that I had immense allergies (where before I had none) that were causing asthma and started treating that, I was not in good hands. However, after a year dealing with the allergies, I hit a plateau. Being an organic guy from way back I started doing more research into GMO and other additives that are common in ag/biz food - processed and fresh. Short story - no more. I eat, and buy, only organic now, and have restarted the improvement in my health. Our immune systems are being bombarded and must be encouraged as much as possible. Local producers must encouraged as well. It turns out not to be more expensive and is certainly more beneficial to the environment Aloha

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Personal Campaign

Rachel Walsh

Rachel is gathering 10 pledges to

Stop Eating Genetically Engineered Food!

There is much to know about Genetically Modified Organisms (plants and animals). GMO foods are now available on the market however there are those who do not want these food products to be labeled as GMO..... Why?! There is a strong scientific argument against GMO products and there are numerous countries who have already banned GMOs from their food markets. Did you also know that there is a drive to ban Natural (Heirloom) seeds? What is happening to our natural food supply? Why do some people want to meddle with Nature and force it upon us?! People have the right to know where their food comes from and decide for themselves. Don't let corporations and businessmen take away your right to know and freedom to decide! Get them to label their GMO products...

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