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Our children have autoimmune issues. They do NOT run on either side of our families. As part of their treatment, we have gone organic, and we saw improvement in our children's heath. Since then, I have learned of HUNDREDS of other similar stories. I cannot stand to see more and more children suffering from food allergies, gluten intolerance, autism, asthma, cancer, diabetes, and gut and colon problems. These are just SOME of the myriad of health issues that have been linked to GMOs and their heavy pesticides. How can we function as a society if so many are ill? What will our future be like? In 2025, if we continue at our current rates of increase, one in two children are predicted to have autism. How will that serve our nation? Our children's condition does not even have a formal name, and doctors cannot agree upon all of the possible viruses and infections that might cause it. But the truth is, something out there is affecting many of our immune systems. Children especially, just are not as healthy as there used to be. Do you remember when you had never heard of gluten intolerance? Or food allergies that could literally kill a child? It was not that long ago that this was true. I do not accept "the new normal". I do not accept it. And, after having read the peer-reviewed and published scientific studies, and spoken with doctors and mothers who have helped their children by eliminating GMOs (as well as farmers who have helped their animals) - I am ready to fight having them in our food supply. Actually, since hearing Dr. Nancy Swanson's idea of having labels that include the levels of pesticide residue- I HAVE DECIDED THAT I WANT BOTH LABELS!!!

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