Please sign our petition thanking Whole Foods Market for pledging to label its GMOs, but encouraging the company to do it by 2015 rather than 2018.

Learn more:

The Whole Truth about Whole Foods Labeling Policy, by Ronnie Cummins and Katherine Paul, Organic Consumers Association, March 13, 2013

Can You Trust Whole Foods?, by Jon Rappoport, NaturalNews, March 14, 2013 

Whole Foods Announces Mandatory GMO Labeling by 2018; Here's How It Happened, by Mike Adams, NaturalNews, March 9, 2013

Thank you to everyone who signed our original petition to Whole Foods Market. Congratulations! Whole Foods' promise to label GMOs is a huge victory, the North American GMO labeling movement's first big win.

We just need them to move a little faster! By 2018, they should be way beyond labels! Everything they sell should be organic or non-GMO by then!

When asked by why they decided to voluntarily label their GMOs, Whole Food Market executives said, "We really heard from our customers on their thoughts about this, what they wanted us to do, what they expected us to do, and, in fact, their disappointment that we hadn't gotten there already. We give a lot of credit to our customers for helping us see that the time is now."

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