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Jan Hutcheson

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Defend States' Rights To Label Gm Os!

GMO foods can affect you differently than non-GMO foods. This is particularly true of wheat and soybeans. They can influence your digestion and pancreas, even causing sensitivities and high blood sugar, even allergic reactions that their non-GMO counterparts do not. This is because GMOs have had the number of chromosomes they contain increase....that is part of the modification. The end result can be anaphylaxis, chronic indigestion/diarrhea, diabetes, etc: in short, poor health. In developing nations whose citizens suffer from poor nutrition, this can be disastrous, especially for growing children.

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Jonathan Mather

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Defend States' Rights To Label Gm Os!

This is a very simple, quick and easy way to take action on one of the most critical issues of our time... Shattering the sacred vessel of Nature's perfect expression is not only beyond arrogant, ignorant, and stupid-- PLEASE REMEMBER-- it is permanent ...There will not be-- there CANNOT be-any correcting, modifying- "fixing" of this inexpressibly evil activity ... Human genes in bacon to make it leaner OK with you? THAT'S the mentality and inflicted soul activity we're dealing with.. GMOs are now expressly OUTLAWED in well over SIXTY COUNTRIES now...Do you suppose that's just because they're persnickety ? I don't think so either... Many concurrent projects happening on the ground here-- but will further pledge to return with vigor to my research on demonic crap... Big Alohas And Smiles To My Crew!!

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Laurie Avenell Olson

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Defend States' Rights To Label Gm Os!

In Washington State we are working all out to get GMOs labeled. We have I-522 on the ballot and coming out to people in their mail on Oct 18th. It is getting down to the wire. So many people still don't know what a GMO is and that they are eating them. It is vital that we get them labeled. How can any ill effects be traced back without proper labeling? That is exactly what Big-Ag, Big Pharma are counting on. We need full disclosure now.

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