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Defend States' Rights To Label Gm Os!

i truly believe GMO's are directly affecting our health. The increase in all the lifestyle diseases and the increase in children with special needs is a direct result of our food choices in my opinion. There are no nutritious ingredients in the GMO foods that our bodies need. Also GMO's are banned in many foreign countries because they are not compliant with their food standards. I am in the health and nutrition business and I thoroughly support all organic methods of food production. Please help make our food safe to eat again by supporting this cause!!!

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Jan Hutcheson

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Defend States' Rights To Label Gm Os!

GMO foods can affect you differently than non-GMO foods. This is particularly true of wheat and soybeans. They can influence your digestion and pancreas, even causing sensitivities and high blood sugar, even allergic reactions that their non-GMO counterparts do not. This is because GMOs have had the number of chromosomes they contain increase....that is part of the modification. The end result can be anaphylaxis, chronic indigestion/diarrhea, diabetes, etc: in short, poor health. In developing nations whose citizens suffer from poor nutrition, this can be disastrous, especially for growing children.

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