Stopped in their (Fast) Tracks?

  • Update #7

The Obama administration’s plan to ram two potentially devastating international trade agreements through Congress appears to be dead, according to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s announcement on Wednesday, January 29, that he opposes plans to fast track…Read More

Resist Much, Obey . . . Not!

  • Update #5

In his epic book of poetry Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman advises “Resist Much. Obey Little.” But when it comes to corporations trampling on local rights, the city of Madison, Wis., advises other cities and counties to do what it has done: Resist much.…Read More

Fast Track to Disaster

  • Update #4

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a global trade agreement being secretly negotiated by 600 multinational corporations and industry trade groups, will affect nearly every aspect of Americans’ lives. If passed, it will undermine state, local and federal…Read More

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